Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween is coming! Yipee(NOT)

I have a BIG feeling Halloween is so not going to be cool this year. Not just because what my mom said on her blog, but hey I would be pretty upset about that too... Anyway, I have no idea what my costume is called. I am wearing a white skirt and shirt, and a red flower. My mom says I am a Flower Princess. This is soo off subject but I have a awesome thing to say...For the last week my class has been talking about the election. Some kid brought up the idea of having a class election. I voted for Joe and Josh.They wanted me to help them out with a few things and guess what??!! THEY WON! Joe said he appriciated my help and they wouldn't have won without me. Yah right. Those boys are so popular. Most of you people don't know who they are but who cares?? BTW, it is not easy trying to help somebody win. Now I can get some GOOD sleep tonight. Hee Hee!!! I am like totally stupid aren't I?? :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is Michelle my best friend ever. I would have to say she is the one I miss the most next to my family. I know you probably don't check out my blog, Michelle, but I want to say I love and miss you!!!!!

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Halloween Party

Yesterday I went to a Halloween Party at my friends house. We did a costume contest, relay races, carmel apple decorating and much more. At about 7:30, we went to Qwivals. Breann wanted to go to the Haunted Field of Screams. We did and it was stinkin' scary. I guess it is a Haunted corn maze but more scary. I really didn't see anything because my face was buried in Rachel's jacket. ( my friend) The only part I saw was the " Ice Scream" truck. The dude in the big white box jumped out at us and had a gun. It sprayed smoke. He chased us around the maze fir about five minuets. Luckily, the people cannot touch us. Stacie( Breann's mom) kicked down every door before we went in. As we started going into this ugly scary trench, the chainsaw man go closer and closer. Next, we stood in front of 4 doors. We took number 1 and might I tell you it took forever to get through it. Chainsaw man was right in front of us and we didn't relize it. After that, Rain ( other friend) screamed this out " Please don't scare us!!! we will sue you for a million dollars." . Then Count Dracula screamed " A million dollars? I don't have a million dollars!". I screamed find a way to get it then. We had gotten so close to the end and Rachel said think happy thoughts. For example, lets got to the mall on Sunday. Plus, lets dress up like Dinosaurs! Oliva was even more scared now. " That's so not happy" she whispered to Rachel. When we got out we saw Jourdan sitting on the end of the bench crying. She was sooo scared. I was too honestly. Now she owes me five bucks because I made it through the maze.

BTW, the boys behind us in line went to our school. They started crying when they went through the Tarp Tunnel. We met them at the end and told them they were chickens. They believed us. They said those tears were tears of excitment. YAH RIGHT!!! We saw their best friends today and we told them about this. It was FUNNY. That was the SCARIEST night of my life.....:)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Christopher Sleeping

After dinner we cleaned off the table and did all of our other chores. I started putting away the table and I started talking to Critter about school. Then I went to help out with other stuff. I turn around and there he is, sleeping. This has happened many times. Well, for those of you who are wondering, I am doing good at home and at school.