Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Emie and I had a sleepover tonight. We went bowling, played tennis, and played baseball! So much Fun. Garrett is not a good photographer so this picture is strange.

Me Emie and Sarah.
Love ya Emie! Had lots of fun.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Yesterday we went Christmas shopping. I got a calendar, dry erase markers, and a hair streaker. How it works: you put the color you like on the sponge. put the sponge in the iron. use the iron like a curling iron and you have a new hair color!!

My streaks are blue. I wish I had some pictures. Anyway, I am figuring out how to use my iPod. I downloaded music videos. It takes forever!! Well, we are going to the Whytes house to watch a wrestling tournament. Lucky fofr me I don't have to watch it.


I ate tick tacks for breakfast
I went sledding with Serena
I put in my streaks
I gave Garrett some red streaks and Serena some silver ones.
I worked on my blog
I babysat a girl named Ella. ( she is on a video game)
I played with me iPod

Ya well thats all I had to say. And I think I am not loved. No one checks out my blog. The last few posts nobody has commented. I feel like commenting on my own blog just to make myself better.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Me and my christmas present.

This Christmas was awesome. In my stocking I got an iTunes gift card. One of My presents was an iHome. Well, if I hade these things what did I need? An I pod!! So I am waiting on the couch for my last present and mom never gave it to me. After 10 minutes of begging her I got it. Now I have a green ipod nano! Its 8gb.

ALl of us with our 50 dollars.

Me with me hair extentions.

The tree.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa's coming tonight,tonight........

Yipee! It's finally Christmas eve. I thought this day would never come. Now I have to be patient and wait for tomorrow. I can't! Anyway, I really want a red i pod nano, i home and the i dog. AND.. my mom really wanted to get my dad a dog for Christmas. We went to the Adoption place and he found the cutest little dog. She is and Australian sheperd. Her name is Sissy. She is adorable!! But, they won't sell her to us because we don't have a gate at our house. But Luckily, my parents kind of want to move out of our house because it is to small for us. They have been looking at a house in Tamany View Heights ( right next to our house) and the house is huge there are 2 doggy doors. A little one and a big one. They both lead into a gated area!! Mom says its a sign. I really hope we move into that house really soon. Be expecting a lot of pics tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


We finally had our first real snow fall! It is not a good picture. It is way to cold outside to go and take a real picture. Last time we had snow it was barley any. Yay us. We tried to play in it but did not work out so well. Way Too Cold.

Grinch Pictures

Another Lopsided picture. oh well. This is me in My beautiful costume. I am so happy grinch is over.

This is my crazy WHO HAIR. I did it differently every time. I miss the pain from those crazy hair do's.

well, these are all the pictures I have from the play. Lame, i know.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Party

Last night was our Christmas party. It was so fun!!

This picture is lopsided. I really don't care. Anyway, this is Joe in my beautiful leather jacket and his " Glamorous nails". This is the dude I have been talking about in some of my posts.

This is Josh Joe and Kolton.

This is The gift exchange. These people brought pretty good gifts.

This is the whole gang. I think. Yep it is. I look like I don't want to take a picture.

I would have to say that was the best party I have ever Hosted. I really Never wanted it to end.
After all the fun, we played football. Aunika, Mishayla, Emie and I were cheerleaders. WE really didn't know how to play football. Baylie and Breann were really good at it.
Grinch is on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Everyday of the week I have play practice. This week will be busy!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Church Christmas Party

Yesterday was our christmas party. I had so much fun. The picture to your left is Sarah and Santa.

This is Christopher and Santa. I bet he enjoyed sitting on his lap.

I didn't sit on his lap this year for some strange reason. I feel really bored now that Kelsey is gone. My christmas party is on Saturday. It's going to be really fun.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Family Picture

This is our half family picture. We were all so cold we wanted to snuggle close and get it over with. We had an awesome time when Kelsey was here. Now my grandma is coming from Arizona. Yipee! My play is next Saturday. It is going to be awesome. Well I hope you are all living happy lives. So, lets start talking. Ooohh! I have one. Kelsey and I went to see Twilight. It is amazing!! And I saw it Saturday night too. I want it for my birthday. Plus, I want to see it again. I probably will because Emily and I might go see it together.. This week will be fun. I guess.

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Our Thanksgiving table. I can't add anymore pictures because Picasa won't let me. We played America's Next Top Model. It was really fun. All the pics are on Kelsey's camera. Otherwise I would post them. Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! So this post is really boring because there is not much to say. I miss and love you all. Happy late Thanksgiving.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Tickets for Grinch are here!:
Adults: $8
Children: $6
With craft hour $10
There will be a Grinchy craft making opportunity the hour before each performance!
Tickets avalible at Chapter one Bookstore

I am so excited for Grinch to come. I hope you can see the performance dates good enough! For all of you local Montana peeps, you can find these posters at Daly and Grandstale Elem, the Red door, Print work and many other places!! I can promise you will LOVE this play! I know I do. The dances lokk so confusing but they are not. SO, the grinch is Sophie and Cindy Lou is my friend. My costume is awesome! The awesome thing about it is my favorite color. GREEN!! I hope you can all make it.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Another thing I hate!!!

Now I have a new thing I hate. My regular school teacher. Today was the Seattle Marathon. My friends mom brought in school supplies for our class. Ms. Bertek asked me to make a thank you card for her and I did. She asked me to draw a furry animal on the side of the card. I told her I can't draw very good. Her response: Its okay. Joe is not around so you don't need to impress him. Joe was in the Marathon during the time. I was so angry I wanted to tear her head off!! I am so not finished. We were walking down the hall and Ms. Bertek pulls me aside. She told me: " Its okay to have a special connection with Joe.". I HATE that woman.

On to new and better things. Kelsey is coming for thanksgiving on Tuesday!!Yay me. I really want to see that new Twilight movie and we are thinking about having a girls night and go see it!Tomorrow I start building props for the Grinch. My costume is so beautiful! For those of you who want to see my marvelous play, here is more info:

When: December 12 7:00 and December 13 2:00 and 7:00
Where: Hamilton Middle School
Tickets: Not so sure. Get back to you on that.

I am so bored and wanted to blog. Okay so like don't know what else to write so BYE!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I really hate!!

I guess my post is a list of thing I hate!!!

1. snakes
2. spiders
3. my gym teacher
4. halloween
5. burger king
6. dance classes
7. most vegtables
8. the dictionary
9. sometimes chores
10. Babysitting Sarah!!!!!!!

Ya I know, this list is totally usless!! Oh well like I care. Later I will post the things I love!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Friend Riley.....

This picture was taken on Halloween night. Trunck or treat to be exact. This is me and my friend Riley DellaSilva. I guess we have been friends for a while now, that's what my mom told me when we moved here. My computer has been broken and we got a new one a few days ago. Over the past 2 to 4 weeks, I got my own pet and nothing else I can think of. My pet is a mouse. I know what you are thinking, " How gross!". Well not really. He is disease free and dosn't smell that bad. His name is Mickey and might I tell you he LOVES to play on his spinning wheel. I love watching him do funny tricks. He has done some pretty stupid stuff. Anyway, back to the whole me and Riley being friends thing. He is an awesome guy and I like to watch him play football. He is stinkin' good. Also, I got my flu shots today and guess what??!! I didn't cry. Everyone else did. I was brave and went first. Pretty sweet. Well, I don't know what else to write so....... BYE~!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween is coming! Yipee(NOT)

I have a BIG feeling Halloween is so not going to be cool this year. Not just because what my mom said on her blog, but hey I would be pretty upset about that too... Anyway, I have no idea what my costume is called. I am wearing a white skirt and shirt, and a red flower. My mom says I am a Flower Princess. This is soo off subject but I have a awesome thing to say...For the last week my class has been talking about the election. Some kid brought up the idea of having a class election. I voted for Joe and Josh.They wanted me to help them out with a few things and guess what??!! THEY WON! Joe said he appriciated my help and they wouldn't have won without me. Yah right. Those boys are so popular. Most of you people don't know who they are but who cares?? BTW, it is not easy trying to help somebody win. Now I can get some GOOD sleep tonight. Hee Hee!!! I am like totally stupid aren't I?? :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is Michelle my best friend ever. I would have to say she is the one I miss the most next to my family. I know you probably don't check out my blog, Michelle, but I want to say I love and miss you!!!!!

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Halloween Party

Yesterday I went to a Halloween Party at my friends house. We did a costume contest, relay races, carmel apple decorating and much more. At about 7:30, we went to Qwivals. Breann wanted to go to the Haunted Field of Screams. We did and it was stinkin' scary. I guess it is a Haunted corn maze but more scary. I really didn't see anything because my face was buried in Rachel's jacket. ( my friend) The only part I saw was the " Ice Scream" truck. The dude in the big white box jumped out at us and had a gun. It sprayed smoke. He chased us around the maze fir about five minuets. Luckily, the people cannot touch us. Stacie( Breann's mom) kicked down every door before we went in. As we started going into this ugly scary trench, the chainsaw man go closer and closer. Next, we stood in front of 4 doors. We took number 1 and might I tell you it took forever to get through it. Chainsaw man was right in front of us and we didn't relize it. After that, Rain ( other friend) screamed this out " Please don't scare us!!! we will sue you for a million dollars." . Then Count Dracula screamed " A million dollars? I don't have a million dollars!". I screamed find a way to get it then. We had gotten so close to the end and Rachel said think happy thoughts. For example, lets got to the mall on Sunday. Plus, lets dress up like Dinosaurs! Oliva was even more scared now. " That's so not happy" she whispered to Rachel. When we got out we saw Jourdan sitting on the end of the bench crying. She was sooo scared. I was too honestly. Now she owes me five bucks because I made it through the maze.

BTW, the boys behind us in line went to our school. They started crying when they went through the Tarp Tunnel. We met them at the end and told them they were chickens. They believed us. They said those tears were tears of excitment. YAH RIGHT!!! We saw their best friends today and we told them about this. It was FUNNY. That was the SCARIEST night of my life.....:)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Christopher Sleeping

After dinner we cleaned off the table and did all of our other chores. I started putting away the table and I started talking to Critter about school. Then I went to help out with other stuff. I turn around and there he is, sleeping. This has happened many times. Well, for those of you who are wondering, I am doing good at home and at school.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back To School!

Tuesday was back to school....AGAIN! This time, my teachers names are Mrs. Hollingsworth and Ms. Bertek. They are awesome! I now go to Daly Elementary school. Next year, I will be in middle school! Insane! Well, I hope you are all doing good and are having a woderful day!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ravalli County Fair 2008

Friday night was the night of the Ravalli County Fair.
This picture should be at the bottom, but I got princess and had gotten it as well in 2004.

This was before we went on stage to model and give our speeches!

This was after the contest with all the girls. From left to right: Me,Aryn,Kayla,Sarah, Aunnika, and Serena.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

This are some pictures we took of our new home ( And my bedroom). This is our little humble home. So far, I love it here. By the way, our house has a basement.
My bedroom is like the coolest place in the house! And the most popular:) . This is where all the girls,Sarah,Kayla,Aryn,Serena and I hang out almost everyday. I love it here in Montana. I start school on the 2nd and my teachers names are Ms. Hollingsworth and Miss Berteck. You all need to come and see me soon!
Hugs and kisses,

Monday, August 18, 2008


I am soooo bad! I haven't blogged in centuries! Well, I apologize. Some things that have happened in my life:

I started the 5th grade
Took a trip to Montana
Preston's Birthday

I bet there is a lot more that I can't think of. Now,for the biggest announcment.....

I am like totally excited!!!!! I am moving to Hamilton, Montana. It is soo beautiful there. Anyway, I will post some pictures of my trip to Montana later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Talent Show

A few days ago we had our school talent show. Madi and I danced to a song from Enchanted. We had such a great time. Lots of other acts were amazing!

We all had sucha good time, we soooo want to do it again. It was like a last minute thing, but so cute. Next year I will come up with something better!

Academic Night

Last night I was given an award for getting strait A's. I have only been here for half of the year and it was just awesome.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers day!! :)

Happy Mothers day to all mommies. Hope your day is happy and exciting!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

'Quest for Adventure' Field Trip

Last week was my first 4th grade field trip. We had sooo much fun! We went to Montezumas well and castle, oak creek canyon, meteor crator,lowell observatory (I got to see Saturn!).
Day 2:
Grand canyon imax and hike,wapatki national monument and sunset crator!
It was the best field trip I have ever been on. My partners were Madi and Millan. I can't figure out how to put pictures on but I will do it later...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Festival

Today at school, we had a HUGE Eart Day festival. It was so much fun. It was the first year our school did something like this and it was great. There were game and raffle booths, skits, songs and dances. People came to advertise their businesses and we had tons of science and recycling projects on display. My Mom stayed to help the whole day and she was a judge for the recycling fashion show. My cheer squad also did some Earth day cheers!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Co- Captain

I have been doing cheer for 3 weeks. Last week, we voted for our team co-captain and today we found out who won.... I WAS CHOSEN AS FIRST CAPTAIN!!!!!! I am sooo excited. My job has a lot of responsiblity. I will probably post some pictures later. But anyway, I hope to see you all soon and maybe show some of my cheers.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Off to Taylor

Yesterday was a great day. We went to Taylor and saw most of our family at Jill's babyshower. I went to Mickelle's house and we had soo much stuff to catch up on in our friendship. This was a wonderful time to get together.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zoo Crew

Yesterday we went to the zoo. We got a membership as a gift and were so excited to check it out. It was warm and toasty, but lots of fun. I hope we go again on Friday.

Hoppy Easter!

This easter was a good one. We went to Janet's church and came home for a big lunch/dinner. Before we ate, we had an egg hunt. There were 2 prize eggs, gold and silver. We were all complaining because we couldn't find the special eggs. I found the silver egg in the fence and Mason found the gold egg. It was cracked open and the money was hanging out. He got the money and Sarah got the egg. We decided NOT to have a prize egg next year!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MacKenna Joins the Blogging World

This is MacKenna's new blogspot. I hope that her friends will have fun seeing what and how she is doing. Please check back often to see what we are up to each week.