Saturday, November 22, 2008


Tickets for Grinch are here!:
Adults: $8
Children: $6
With craft hour $10
There will be a Grinchy craft making opportunity the hour before each performance!
Tickets avalible at Chapter one Bookstore

I am so excited for Grinch to come. I hope you can see the performance dates good enough! For all of you local Montana peeps, you can find these posters at Daly and Grandstale Elem, the Red door, Print work and many other places!! I can promise you will LOVE this play! I know I do. The dances lokk so confusing but they are not. SO, the grinch is Sophie and Cindy Lou is my friend. My costume is awesome! The awesome thing about it is my favorite color. GREEN!! I hope you can all make it.
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Another thing I hate!!!

Now I have a new thing I hate. My regular school teacher. Today was the Seattle Marathon. My friends mom brought in school supplies for our class. Ms. Bertek asked me to make a thank you card for her and I did. She asked me to draw a furry animal on the side of the card. I told her I can't draw very good. Her response: Its okay. Joe is not around so you don't need to impress him. Joe was in the Marathon during the time. I was so angry I wanted to tear her head off!! I am so not finished. We were walking down the hall and Ms. Bertek pulls me aside. She told me: " Its okay to have a special connection with Joe.". I HATE that woman.

On to new and better things. Kelsey is coming for thanksgiving on Tuesday!!Yay me. I really want to see that new Twilight movie and we are thinking about having a girls night and go see it!Tomorrow I start building props for the Grinch. My costume is so beautiful! For those of you who want to see my marvelous play, here is more info:

When: December 12 7:00 and December 13 2:00 and 7:00
Where: Hamilton Middle School
Tickets: Not so sure. Get back to you on that.

I am so bored and wanted to blog. Okay so like don't know what else to write so BYE!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I really hate!!

I guess my post is a list of thing I hate!!!

1. snakes
2. spiders
3. my gym teacher
4. halloween
5. burger king
6. dance classes
7. most vegtables
8. the dictionary
9. sometimes chores
10. Babysitting Sarah!!!!!!!

Ya I know, this list is totally usless!! Oh well like I care. Later I will post the things I love!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Friend Riley.....

This picture was taken on Halloween night. Trunck or treat to be exact. This is me and my friend Riley DellaSilva. I guess we have been friends for a while now, that's what my mom told me when we moved here. My computer has been broken and we got a new one a few days ago. Over the past 2 to 4 weeks, I got my own pet and nothing else I can think of. My pet is a mouse. I know what you are thinking, " How gross!". Well not really. He is disease free and dosn't smell that bad. His name is Mickey and might I tell you he LOVES to play on his spinning wheel. I love watching him do funny tricks. He has done some pretty stupid stuff. Anyway, back to the whole me and Riley being friends thing. He is an awesome guy and I like to watch him play football. He is stinkin' good. Also, I got my flu shots today and guess what??!! I didn't cry. Everyone else did. I was brave and went first. Pretty sweet. Well, I don't know what else to write so....... BYE~!!!!