Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Songs.... (Random)

Hi. This is a really random post. I am really bored so yah. These are a list of songs I LOVE.

T-shirt Shontelle
Crush David Archuleta
Great Escape Boys like Girls
Last Name Carrie Underwood
Fergalicious Fergie
Love Story Taylor Swift
Our Song Taylor Swift
Shouldv'e said no Taylor Swift
Hot n Cold Katie Perry
Shake It Metro Station

Really random i know. anyway yesterday at school we made volcanoes and today we erupted them. Can't wait for the test! NOT. But I got to see it and it is pretty easy so yay me! Anyway, I have sold 100+ boxes of cookies already! If you still want some leave a comment. So. I am in another play. It is for the after school program. It is called The Thief and his Mother. Guess who i got?? The mother. Lucky me. Plus, I have memorized me lines already and I just got the script. The Hansen's will be here in almost a week. I can't wait. Anyway I really want to go to Arizona over the summer but I can't. Why? Because I can't earn around $150 in one summer. Stinks I know. So how's life? Not that can I hear you but good.(Right)... So I read ( change, didn't read it, just so happened to be popping by) and it said Lindsey might not be able to come up here any more. You have no ides how mad that makes me. Stupid airline people. I was really looking forward to her coming and seeing Kallie and Preston... WAAAAAAHHHHH! So TTYL and I am bored so I am going to go.

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Kelsey said...

do i get props for the hot n cold love??? i miss dancing with you. lets do that again soon!